How is this jewelry made?

All our jewelry is made from base metals, Zirconia crystals and a whole lot of science mumbo-jumbo that our head-of-design tried very hard to explain. All we got from it is that our products are completely ethical, conflict free and won’t cause any skin allergies!

Why these materials?

Base metals and Zirconia crystals are better for the planet, simple as that. While trying to craft these unique pieces, we had the environment in mind. Using crystals instead of diamonds leaves us and you with a clear conscience: No mining, no conflict. Just vibes.

Who makes our jewelry?

Every piece is handmade by artisans at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Mumbai, India. Fun fact: 80% of our wildly talented workforce is female. They practice yoga and meditation on the daily, channeling that zen energy into making your new piece.

Care Instructions

  • Hard impact can cause the paint to chip, so don’t drop your pendants or earrings to keep them looking shiny. ✨
  • Chemicals suck, so keep them away from your jewelry. 🧪
  • These look great in the sun, but we promise they don’t need sunscreen on them.🧴
  • ALL INCL.+ jewelry is terrestrial. Don’t take them with you when you go showering, swimming or skinny dipping. 🏊🏽‍♂️
    Keep them off while working out too!

Sustainable and Ethical Manufacturing